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Little Wissota Bakehouse is a Chippewa Falls - based artisanal, natural, bakery that loves to deliver customer-driven, all-time favorites, including oatmeal crème pies, authentic sourdough English muffins, and nutrient-dense, soft, warm sourdough breads to its customers. We choose to do so without the use of many of the ingredients used to artificially enhance flavor, prolong shelf life beyond what would be normal, or to artificially condition our doughs.

Instead, we’ve enhanced our bread’s flavor through the use of freshly-milled heritage grains and other whole grain flours, the addition of dried fruits, olives, cheeses, nuts and seeds, and slow, cool, fermentation. Our preferred method of preserving our products is to have you consume them up within a few days of purchase, or put them in the freezer! We “condition” our sourdoughs through our use of a wild yeast natural starter, the basis for all of our sourdough breads. We then fold the bread dough at specific intervals over several hours before the hours long, cool fermentation.

Because we try to limit many unnecessary ingredients in our breads and other products, we believe you will feel better after eating our baked goods and ultimately have better health outcomes.

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Little Wissota BakehouseWhat Makes us Different?

At the core, what we believe makes us different is the way a person feels after eating one of our baked goods. Personal and customer experience shows that if you eat one of our products, you will still be able to work, concentrate, and still feel good! Happy perhaps? Satisfied? Energized? You tell us!!

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We love baking products that make our customers happy. Explore some of our delicious baked goods.

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You can find our delicious baked goods in several locations throughout the Chippewa Valley Area including Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Altoona and Chetek, WI. We hope you enjoy!


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